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Bubble Tea

An ever-growing popular drink that we serve here at Canton 11 Restaurant is the refreshingly, delightful bubble tea or pearl milk tea. This beverage is a Taiwanese tea-based refreshment that can be made with either Thai milk, milk tea, smoothies and fruit slushes. The chewy tapioca balls or “boba” are often added to these beverages to give the delicious drink a little something extra.

Our selection of tea flavors range from blended, iced, milk or fruit tea. No matter what you’re craving, our bubble tea aims to satisfy. You can choose to enjoy your drink with or without the tapioca pearls. As a cafe favorite and a chosen refreshment for many of our customers, our bubble tea is second to none when it comes to enticing flavors. From green tea and Thai milk to strawberry and honey, our variety of blends is limitless. Whether you are looking for a light dessert or quick snack, our bubble tea drinks are perfect alone or paired with our delicious Chinese food and sushi.

If you’re seeking a relaxing spot to treat yourself with a fresh delicious food and drinks come to Canton 11 Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA today!