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Chinese Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA

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When it comes to restaurants, those that serve Chinese food are often among the most popular. This is thanks to the sheer variety of Chinese cuisine, which has something for every palette.

Those looking for a Chinese restaurant in Philadelphia, PA are in luck. Our establishment is famous for offering some of the best dishes, each one expertly prepared. We have everything a restaurant patron might want, including classics like chicken chow mein and new favorites like bubble tea. Furthermore, we have a great sushi bar that is open everyday from 4pm to 2am every day!

Chinese Restaurant

Maintaining the highest standards of quality is Canton 11's top priority. It sources only the finest ingredients from all corners of the world. Our menu features fabulous dishes ranging from precious dried abalone, bird's nest, a wide assortment of dim sum treats and other exquisite seasonal delicacies. Each item is prepared with an extraordinary mastery of both traditional and innovative cooking styles that embodies the essence of authentic Chinese fare, attractive presentation, and perfectly balanced portions and flavors.

There’s no reason to wait. If you’re looking for a great Chinese restaurant in the area, we’ll give you the best results. Contact us at the Canton 11 Restaurant to learn more about our fantastic cuisine options. We cannot bring the whole of Hong Kong to Philly, but at our authentic Hong Kong restaurant, we brought all the best parts!

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